Welcome to Merveilles du Monde!

Glad you found your way to us! Here at Merveilles du Monde we would like to take you on a journey through the fascinating beauty of Ethiopia. Our focus is on the exquisite black crumb oil, which comes directly from the sun-drenched fields of Ethiopia.

Our history:

Our story begins deeply rooted in the traditional crafts of Ethiopia. Driven by our passion for natural beauty and care, we are on a mission to share the timeless secrets of this unique country with you. Our founders, inspired by Ethiopia's rich culture and its impressive plant diversity, created Merveilles du Monde to bring you a piece of authentic beauty.

Our philosophy:

At Merveilles du Monde we rely on the incomparable power of nature and the treasures it gives us. Our black crumb oil is more than just a product - it is a connection to Ethiopia's natural resources and the talented people who passionately produce it. We rely on sustainable practices and respectful partnerships to ensure that you not only receive high-quality products, but also become part of a larger journey.

Why Merveilles du Monde:

  1. Authenticity: Every bottle of Merveilles du Monde black crumb oil is a promise of authenticity. Our products are made using traditional methods to preserve the pure essence of Ethiopia.
  2. Quality: Your satisfaction is our top priority. From harvest to packaging, every detail is carefully monitored to ensure you only get the best.
  3. Sustainability: At Merveilles du Monde we actively promote responsible business practices. We are committed to protecting the environment and supporting local communities.

Our promise to you:

Merveilles du Monde is more than a brand - it's a commitment to your natural beauty. We invite you to let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Ethiopia and discover the benefits of our exquisite black crumb oil for yourself. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Welcome to Merveilles du Monde – discover the beauty of the world unleashed in a bottle.

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